2U 12+6 BAY 2,2 GHZ 6C 16GB EC TES-1885U-D1531-16GR IN NMS

Manufacturer Qnap
Manufacturer# TES-1885U-D1531-16GR
Delivery time: 3-4 days
5,326.20 CHF
5,736.30 CHF incl.
Powered by an Intel Xeon D processor, the powerful enterprise-class TES-1885U is open for two operating systems - either the FreeBSD-based QES or Linux-based QTS. While QES supports ZFS for the utmost reliability and allows near-limitless snapshots, block-level data deduplication and real-time data compression, QTS features Qtier Technology, SSD cache, and an abundance of value-added apps to realize storage efficiency and diverse usage applications. The TES-1885U gives the flexibility to choose from two operating systems, enabling businesses to deploy proper operating systems on multiple TES-1885U based on their needs and goals in different stages.

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